Will my website really be designed free?

Yes! all you need is the easy, Golden Plan. Once we design your website and gets your approval, you will pay for is the hosting, site management, and tools ($17.99). For your convenience, we run the website for you (STRESS-FREE). * Please note that for us, not to charge you design fee, you will need to keep your account active for at least 6 months. if you decide to cancel before, you will need to pay for the web-design ($99).

Can I transfer my existing domain to Uppersmile?

Simple answer! 

YES! we will communicate with your previous provider and transfer the domain to uppersmile.



I have the Golden plan will you guys update pictures for me?

Of course, we can do unlimited revisions as long as your plan is active.

Is there any other charges on top of my monthly plan?

NO! what you signed up for is what you will pay. Unless plan changes.

I purchased a logo from uppersmile do I own it?

Congratulations on your new logo!!!

 Yes, you have full ownership of the design.

My website is down?

Oh no! please contact us, either by phone or email, we’ll get you up and running, in no time.

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