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It all started with love for computers

With years of experience, UpperSmile is a full service marketing company specializing in web and print design, working  with all size businesses. Partial list of services: Websites, Logos, Branding, Packaging, Traditional marketing,  Social media design, Graphic design, Printed banners, Flyers, Billboards, App Development, and more. UpperSmile headquarters is located in Fort Myers, FL.

Meet Wilson

“Growing up I always had a passion for computers, most people dont truly understand how powerful it is. First thing I learned was graphic design (logos) that evolved to web design and then I tapped in the world of coding developed my first App called Fox Blockers.”

Uppersmile was born early 2018 and still a thriving company.

We offer various models of scooters

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Start your ride today. Your scooter is waiting for you to rent nearby.

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Choose a city and then find the closest vehicle available

76 vehicles available

1:30 min. to closest one
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If you have any questions, please feel free to call us

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